Sully Savages BallBusting Punishment

Sully found out from one of her other slaves that Miles has touched himself without permission. That is Her cock and unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. She confronts him with a couple hard kicks to the balls because she knows her other slaves wouldn't lie to her. She torments miles while hes trying to clean the torture table and continues to kick him in the balls that she strictly makes clear are her's and not his to do with what SHE pleases and not him. He begins to beg and cry while she begins to whip him on the ground. She picks him up off the ground by his pathetic cock fully stretching it out and lifting his body weight while verbally degrading him to the little worm that he is. She tells him to get back to work while whipping him more as he tries to clean. The beatings continue mercilessly while she bashes his balls into mush. She stands him up one last time and makes it clear what will happen if he ever touches himself without permission again just before giving him a kick that sky rockets him into the air. Mistress Savage leaves him depleted on the ground crying telling him to get back to work.