Alexis Shares Her Ashtray

Alexis Rain has her friend's Akira Shell and Whitney Morgan over, They're feeling like having a cigarette but they have no idea that Alexis has a human ashtray slave to handle all the ashes and clean up. 


She introduces them to her slave as they all taunt and make fun of the loser, They make the slave light all their cigarettes, They can't believe it but love it, They go on talking about their real men boyfriends while making fun of the slave and reminding him how much of a loser he really is. They force the slave to take all the ash on his tongue sometimes from all 3 at once and to swallow every bit. 


The slave has to just sit there in agony while they talk about how they're going to be spending his money to go out but all he gets to eat for dinner is their ashes and cigarette butts. At one point Akira decides to taunt his dick by kicking him over and over in the balls while they're ashing in his mouth. in the end they put out all 3 of their cigarettes on his tongue and tell him to chew and swallow. They force him to go get his wallet so they can go out on his dime.