POV Triple Threat BallBusting

Alexis, Whitney and Akira are looking for a new house slave but are you up for the test? They criticize you and demean you as they explain what it takes. You have got to be able to handle the punishment that they will put you through if you want to even have a chance to serve them.


They begin to kick you in the balls and surprise you while taunting you the entire time. "Can you handle serving all three of us beautiful dominate women?"


They beat you to the ground while also kicking you in the face and demand you get back up for more, Alexis holds your balls while Whitney and Akira begin to beat on them. How does this make you feel slave boy? This is the most you'll ever amount to. Whitney threatens to castrate you. You have no more use for your balls they belong to them now and they don't see a reason for you to have them anymore.