Lizzy's Ballbusting Punishment

Lizzy Lamb’s mother has a panty boy slave, he must do whatever he is told by Lizzy and her mother. He messed up on Lizzy’s homework and she decides its time for him to pay. She begins by lightly kicking him in the balls while he whines and pleads but she has only just gotten started. She begins to torment him and remind him how bad it would be if her mom found out, the kicking becomes amplified as the punishment goes on. She forces him to worship he feet and sniff her dirty shoes while taunting him.. The slave begs and pleads for mercy but there is none to be had, Lizzy enjoys the punishment so much that she shows off her laughter and sadistic smile as she looks down at the depleted slave. She then stuffs his mouth with the panties he’s been forced to wear for days and begins to kick him extremely hard in the balls while the slave muffles out screams. Once he’s down on the ground she forces him to sniff her feet with the dirty panties in his mouth and reminds him how much worse things can get in his life if he doesn’t toe the line properly.