Lizzy Lamb Helps Sully Savage Torment Her Brother

Sully's brother Jason has a crush on her best friend Lizzy, Sully decides to expose the truth about the fact that he still wears whitey tighties. Lizzy finds this crazy but still can't believe it.


Jason comes home and Sully decides to wedgie him herself to show Lizzy. They decided to wedgie him back and forth taunting and humiliating him the entire time. Jason is in pure embarrassment as his sister completely destroys his pride in front of Lizzy.


Jason plead's them to stop, Sully makes him confess to Lizzy his feelings. Then they decide to help him out. They tear his underwear right out from underneath him and stuff it in his mouth and over his head.


They leave Jason in pain and completely humiliated while laughing and giggling.