Lizzy Coming Home From the Gym

Lizzy Lamb has left her slave Miles bound under a table all day, She comes home just getting back from the gym in her dirty stinky gym shoes. Miles complains that he is hungry since he's been tied to the floor all day. Lizzy exclaims "That is about to be the least of your problems."


She sits on the table and puts her dirty gym shoes over Miles's face and makes him sniff and lick the dirt off of the bottom of them, after awhile of this she ask if he's still hungry. She takes off her shoes and sweaty socks and makes Miles sniff her feet and stick out his tongue.


She cleans the sweat off of her feet with his tongue and forces her feet deep down his throat to gag him. She completely degrades and humiliates him with her words while doing this. Many times he fights for air unable to move while being subjected to this torment.


She then begins to choke him with her feet while he is helpless. After she feels her feet are clean enough she decides that he needs more time bound to the table on the cold floor and shoves her sweaty socks down his throat for him to suck dry. She leaves him there bound and helpless.