Terra Mizu's Wedgie Punishment For Her Brother Part 1

Terra Mizu catches her little brother Miles snooping through and sniffing her panties and wedgies him right off the bat without mercy. She begins to verbally destroy him right off the bat and talk down to him while continually wedging him front and back. She wedgies the front so hard that it almost looks like his dick disappears which she makes fun of.


She decides since he wants to sniff her panties so bad to gag him with her dirty panties while throwing him on his stomach and giving him a spanking for being such a pervert. He pleads for mercy but there is none to be had. She almost shoves him off the bed with the wedging then begins to do a heavier spanking until he has welts all over his ass.


He pleads to his sister that he just wants to go play X Box but is quickly shut down by the verbal humiliation. She covers his head in dirty panties and then wedgies him until his underwear snaps. She takes his underwear and ties it around his mouth right before running off to go tell Mom.