Empress Mina and Fifi Break In a New Slave

Empress Mina has a new slave coming in today, she currently has her Mistress in training and friend Mistress Fifi. She has her good slave Aiden on the couch and is complimenting him on how good he has been and that he deserves a treat. When the new slave Miles comes up they both look down on him and begin to verbally abuse him and make him understand the he must prove himself. First she makes Miles undo Aiden's pants, Miles hesitates which gets him in trouble but does it under her direction.


They decide since Aiden has been good that he deserves a handjob. They start stroking Aiden while taunting Miles. Empress Mina makes Miles clean the bottom of her soles with his tongue and gags him with her heel while forcing him to watch Aiden get stroked. Empress Mina pulls out a cane to use on Miles while he begins to worship Mistress Fifi's dirty shoes. Mistress Fifi makes Miles gag hard on her block heel. They laugh as he chokes and spits and verbally degrade him while still stroking Aiden's cock.


Empress Mina begins to explain that Miles will have to enter a pact for lifetime servitude to her with his mouth soon, Miles is alittle put off but dares not to disobey as she is holding the cane. Mistress Fifi begins to stroke while Empress Mina whips Miles over and over while he sucks on her bare toes. Miles gets degraded and kicked and slapped in the face over and over while Aiden is about to cum. They pull out a shot glass and tell Aiden to make sure he catches all of his cum into the shot glass.


Aiden cums while Miles is in complete torment and shoots a huge think load into the shot glass, all 3 of them laugh together as they know what’s about to happen. Empress Mina and Mistress Fifi slowly dip their fingers in and drip the cum all over Miles's face and slowly feed him think globs of cum and force him to swallow. This goes on for awhile until they finally make him suck and lick the shot glass clean. Then they notice more is all over the dirty floor and force Miles to use his dirty tongue to clean all of Aiden's cum off of the floor. They sent Miles on his way to clean himself up while petting their good slave Aiden.