Wedgie Discipline by Step Mother

Miles is a spoiled little rich kid addicted to video games who has had his whole life handed to him. He's used to his dad going through trophy wives while he sits around and gets whatever he wants. His new step mom Vicky Vixxx has had enough and things are going to change! She see's him playing video games again and decides he needs to start pulling his weight around the house, he argues of course. She ends up giving him the wedgie of a lifetime and continues to make fun of him and tell him to do the dishes. He exclaims "I just want to finish this level atleast!" In tears as she continues to spank and torment him. He cries out and throws a huge temper tantrum when she destroys his video game console! She then taunts him and begins to torment him with extreme wedgies until his underwear begins to tear. She rips his underwear up until it is a complete tangled mess hanging off of him. miles is crying and feeling defeated and lost without his games, he screams out "I'm telling dad!" Vicky has just had enough. He finally leaves to do the dishes with his tangled up mess of underwear still on.