Private Sweet is Held Captive and Probed For Information

 Private Tristan Sweet was caught and is now being held captive by a foreign government. Tristan finds himself tied down and spread eagle completely naked. Tristan is refusing to answer any questions and will not give fellow troop information. In walks the interrogator Sergent Brandon, there's an array of torture devices lined on the wall. Sergeant Brandon beings to ask questions while she uses a paddle on his legs and then his balls. Tristan yet keeps taunting the captors. Brandon then shows him her very favorite means of extracting information, her big strap on cock. Tristan exclaims that he's not gay but will not indulge any information. Brandon flips his legs up and gives him one more chance before driving her strap on into his ass, he squeals while she relentlessly probes him for information. She begins to fuck him hard talking about how if he doesn't the items are only going to get bigger and bigger. He continues to be defiant and squealing in pain as she anally him while he's helplessly tied to the chair and the other captor watches and laughs at his misery.