Entertaining Friends with Their Human Ashtray

Camille Black is the guest of honor at Akira Shell's and Tristan Sweet's house. They're relaxing but Camille noticed something in the corner right when she wants a cigarette. Tristan introduces this thing as their trained human ashtray, Camille is a little taken back as the slave approaches on his knees with a variety of cigarette's waiting in his hands. He lights all three of their cigarettes knowing what’s about to happen. They tease and taunt him about his tiny cock and what he's been trained to do, which includes cleaning ashes off the floor with his tongue. They talk about how they've been collecting ashes in an ashtray to dump on the floor to see how much he would be able to lick up without puking. They also mention the punishment for puking. First the slave must sit there on his knees on the cold floor and take in every bit of ash off the 3 cigarettes. They blow smoke in its face and at one time while making fun of its tiny cock Akira kicks it in the balls a few times reminding it of its place. Camille mentions wondering what else she can make him drink or eat. Around this time Camille dumps the entire ashtray all over the floor and on Tristan's feet. The slave is then forced to lick Tristan's feet clean while staring into Camille's eyes to be completely tormented and broken down. After this the slave must sit there while each one of them put their cigarettes out on his tongue. He's forced to chew and swallow each one together. Afterwards it's work is not finished, it must clean up all the ashes left on the floor with its tongue. The little bitch is then banished but Camille has an idea....... Here you go into POV to see what Camille has in store to help wash down those ashes, she fills the dog bowl with her piss as a parting treat to help wash down all those ashes.